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We Are GS Software House.

We are here to build your next great webapp and we have a lot of experience doing so. Your next big thing is in good hands with us.

we do

  • ✅ Backend: Laravel, Yii/Yii2, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  • ✅ Frontend: Vue.js (with Vuex and Vue Router), React.js, jQuery, Backbone
  • ✅ Testing: Dusk, PHPUnit, Selenium
  • ✅ CMS and CRM: ActiveCollab, CsCart, Bitrix, Wordpress, Joomla, Shopify, Magento, Typo 3
  • ✅ Databases: Mysql (MariaDB), MongoDB
  • ✅ Other: ElasticSearch, Bash Scripting, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Vagrant, Homestead, Docker, Git (Bitbucket), Merucrial,, Composer

Our Mission

GS Software Houses' mission is to get your webapp live, in time and on budget. Especially with larger apps this is quite a mouthful and many who promise that, fail to deliver. We understand our responsibility towards you and your business. Our deadlines and estimations actually mean something and are not just "numbers"

Different needs call for different approaches

Here are some typical scenarios - all of them require a specfic approach and have their individual challenges.

The ongoing project
  • We continously develop an app for you
  • Very common for Saas solutions
  • There is typically no defined endpoint
  • The teamsize is usually 5+ people
    Design /Frontend / Backend / QA / PM
  • Updates are continously pushed
  • We work with an Agile or Kanban approach
    "The project focus might shift as we go"
  • There is a defined budget per timeframe
  • You are deeply involved in the process
The fixed budget project
  • We develop an app with a defined goal
  • Common when outsourcing a client's project
  • There is typically a defined endpoint
  • The teamsize is usually 4+ people
    UX+UI / Frontend / Backend / QA + PM
  • Updates are pushed based on milestones
  • We work with a Scrum approach
    "Perfect results based on requirements"
  • There is a defined budget overall
  • Your involvement varies based on the needs
The small app / proof of concept
  • Focus is usually on fast live deployment
  • Common when creating a prototype
  • There is an endpoint but it might change
  • The teamsize is usually 2+ people
    Fullstack / QA + PM
  • Updates are pushed early on (experimental)
  • We work with an Agile approach
    "As good as possible inside the budget"
  • There is a defined budget over all
  • You are deeply involved in the process

Fast communication, transparency and a deep rooted respect for a client's wishes are the cornerstones of a successfully delivered project. Next to skills that is.

Your team @ GS Software House

Some of the great projects we work on

Please understand that we can just show a limited selection of the projects we worked on as we frequently develop projects as subcontractors for other agencies.

Awesome People

Frontend + UI/UX Design
PHP Backend Developer
Ilya N.
Fullstack Developer
Ilya S.
Fullstack Developer
Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer
Marko R
Project Manager / QA
Project Manager / QA
Project Manager / QA


Backend development

A backend developer concentrates on backend technologies like PHP as well as MySQL and frameworks like Laravel or Symfony. A good backend developer produces readable, well documented code that is easy to maintain while keeping an eye on efficiency. A backend developer usually works as part of a team, rarely alone, as his output needs some styling.

Frontend development

A frontend developer concentrates on frontend technologies like Javascript and various Javascript Frameworks like Vue.js or Angular as well as CSS and related CSS Preprocessors like SCSS or Stylus. A good developer will care about readable and documented code. He can work standalone on small projects where no additional abckend is needed or as part of a team.

Fullstack develoment

A fullstack developer is in webdevelopment usually a developer who is a pro with common frontend technologies and frontend frameworks like Vue.js as well as backend/serverside technologies and frameworks like Laravel. Such a developer is usually a good fit for the development of smaller prototypes with a limited budget or acts on big projects as teamlead.

Frontend designer

This member of the team designs all the little bits an pieces. He keeps an eye on the general look and feel and gives a platform its distinctive looks. He adds colour to the project and designs all the buttons, logos, lines, shades and defines with the frontend developer which output should appear how and where. He bases his work on the input he gets from the UX/UI designer. He usually kicks of when the UI/UX guys has finished


QA means Quality assurance and PM is project management. At smaller projects this can be the same person. The PM coordinates all the inner workings of the team and also is the core contact for you. The QA continously tests the app and identifies bugs - this person works intensly with the developers. Although those guys don't develop, they are crucial members of any dev team, as otherwise development hours are spend for the same tasks.

UX/UI Designer

UX means User eXperience and UI stands for User Interface. Those skills are related, so it's usually combined. The UX/UI designer draws a simple representation of the whole project before the first line of code is written, every button and every function with all possible outcomes are being thought about. This allows to identify bottlenecks and possible complications so we can discuss that early on. We usually hire a UX/UI designer on a per project basis.

Frontend development
Backend development
Fullstack development
Frontend designer
QA/PM Services
UX/UI Designer




Per Hour
This rate applies to (for example)
  • Both Ilyas'

Frontend / Backend Developer


Per Hour
This rate applies to (for example)
  • Andrey, Sergey, Milos, Yaroslav

Frontend / UI / UX


Per Hour
This rate applies to (for example)
  • Marko

QA and PM


Per Hour
This rate applies to (for example)
  • Aleksandar, Marko, Lesia

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